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My word - What a great idea!


Content made to be read.

You'd love to get your ideas out there - on your site, in the paper, on video, and build your connections.

But you never really got past jotting down a few points, or that vague notion that you should do SOMEthing to put pen to paper, fingers on keys. You want readable, human content, and you want to get it happening this week.

So let me do it for you! As a creative copywriter, I create good ideas, or work with yours, and develop them into great artefacts - blogs, video scripts, PR articles, game designs and sometimes whole marketing plans.

With the response of the audience in mind, I engage, entertain, and motivate with the end goal of you building better connections with your public.

So let's get those ideas into play this week.





I am a Melbourne creative copywriter skilled in writing creative content articles, video scripts, advertising and games.

Masters-degree trained in scriptwriting, as well as creative writing, advertising and public relations, I can help you to sound very clever indeed.

Services include:

Content creation
Blog writing
Video Scripts
Web Pages
PR news articles


Technical material
Training material and presentation
Interviews and biographies
Journalism and newsletters
Concept development and marketing plans
Game design and workplace gamification

What others have said:

"Clear, coherent writing out of the garbled mess that I said to him, and able to work with me to provide the kind of writing I needed"
- Fred Krasey, Giants In The Making

"Very responsive, and provides amazing copy in a very quick turnaround time"
- Olivia Terziovski, Boutique Lawyers

Call me on 0499 102 888 or email:

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